Pre Audits, Audits

Audits, and especially third party audits, are an integral part of the food safety verification process. Self-initiated (in house) audits are sign that a company is committed to protecting their customers health. But suppliers, vendors and various regulatory agencies have mandated that a third party audit be conducted by an experienced food safety company familiar with all aspects of food safety practices.


When SmithConnen is hired to conduct a "third party audit", the process begins with a short meeting with a member of the company's management team and with the person or persons responsible for that company's food safety program. A brief overview and Q & A session is followed by a general survey via a pre-audit.

The pre-audit sets the stage for the formal audit by allowing SmithConnen's food safety experts a chance to become familiar with the daily operations including receiving & shipping, start-up, processing and clean-up schedules and next-day preparations.

The Audit conducted by SmithConnen is unlike standard audits modeled after the FDA suggested template. Using a proprietary audit tool, our company looks at its comprehensive review of a company's daily operations more as a journey to awareness than a detailed checklist of activities and practices.

The SmithConnen Audit does not take place in a vacuum. We see the audit as an opportunity not just for discovery, but also to educate and improve communication between management and the production staff. Because we have built processing plants from the ground up, we have an ingrained blue print of how various processes work (or should work). So we know what questions to ask and share that thought process with management and production staff alike.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that all parts of the safe food practices puzzle are in place and to make sure that all responsible parties fully understand how all those parts fit and work together to create a high quality and safe food environment.


What Our Customers Are Saying


Vito Girardi, President - Gioia Cheese Company, Inc 

"I want to thank the people at SmithConnen for their assistance in strengthening Gioia's food safety program. They reviewed our previous HACCP plan and after finding serious omissions and inaccuracies, presented management with a new, comprehensive, up to date and easy to understand HACCP plan that helps ensure Gioia Cheese Company's compliance with local, state, and federal food safety regulations." 

"I welcome them as part of our team and look forward to an ongoing relationship as our company continues to grow, providing our customers with the highest quality products available." 

Ray Broguiere, President - Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy 

"We want you to know how pleased we are with the service you provided us. The upgrading of our HACCP program has been outstanding. We also appreciate you taking care of our Egg Nog formulation for us.  Your company's knowledge and expertise in both the food and commercial insurance industry has been valuable to us."

"We are pleased to maintain a working relationship with you. It has been a great benefit to our company." 



Maria de Lourdes "Lulu" Sobrino, Founder & CEO, Lulu's Dessert Corporation

"I want to thank SmithConnen for their invaluable assistance in helping our company improve its food safety program, production efficiency, and logistics planning. This unique multifaceted company, with its exceptional experience in food quality assurance, risk management and business insurance, has proven to be an important resource for Lulu's Dessert." 

"Frank Smith and Rene Connen worked closely with us in looking at options for future production and growth plans that utilize our resources more effectively and identifies new ways to grow our brand; all while helping us maintain our high food quality and safety standards. Beyond the role of advisors or coaches, they've become a part of our team, working tirelessly to ensure our success." 

"I highly recommend SmithConnen as a valued resource and partner. Their comprehensive approach to identifying and solving real or potential problems, plus their ability to educate and train our staff, has significantly improved Lulu's ability to raise the bar in virtually every aspect of its operations."