Who we are

SmithConnen is a dual purpose service company providing dairy, beverage, food processing and pharmaceutical companies with proprietary comprehensive GMP auditing and mandatory state and federal compliance solutions while also providing customers access to comprehensive insurance coverages designed specifically for their company operations.

The Food Safety Division, led by the company Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, consists of a team of highly skilled auditing professionals who conduct on-site, comprehensive proprietary surveys addressing all aspects of production including equipment, processing design and critical control point monitoring. In addition to the survey (audit), SmithConnen offers on-site training for both production and management level staff as well as engineering services addressing mandatory corrective action, new construction, and/or remodeling. The company also functions as a liaison to state and federal agencies with food and pharmaceuticals safe processing compliance oversight (i.e. FDA, USDA, State & County Health Agencies).

The Insurance Division, led by the company President, consists of licensed insurance professionals who work closely with clients to design comprehensive farm-to-fork insurance coverage strategies. The staff selects the best insurance program specifically designed for each company's needs and is readily available to handle all coverage, pricing, billing and claim inquiries. 


What Our Customers Are Saying


Vito Girardi, President - Gioia Cheese Company, Inc 

"I want to thank the people at SmithConnen for their assistance in strengthening Gioia's food safety program. They reviewed our previous HACCP plan and after finding serious omissions and inaccuracies, presented management with a new, comprehensive, up to date and easy to understand HACCP plan that helps ensure Gioia Cheese Company's compliance with local, state, and federal food safety regulations." 

"I welcome them as part of our team and look forward to an ongoing relationship as our company continues to grow, providing our customers with the highest quality products available." 

Ray Broguiere, President - Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy 

"We want you to know how pleased we are with the service you provided us. The upgrading of our HACCP program has been outstanding. We also appreciate you taking care of our Egg Nog formulation for us.  Your company's knowledge and expertise in both the food and commercial insurance industry has been valuable to us."

"We are pleased to maintain a working relationship with you. It has been a great benefit to our company." 



Maria de Lourdes "Lulu" Sobrino, Founder & CEO, Lulu's Dessert Corporation

"I want to thank SmithConnen for their invaluable assistance in helping our company improve its food safety program, production efficiency, and logistics planning. This unique multifaceted company, with its exceptional experience in food quality assurance, risk management and business insurance, has proven to be an important resource for Lulu's Dessert." 

"Frank Smith and Rene Connen worked closely with us in looking at options for future production and growth plans that utilize our resources more effectively and identifies new ways to grow our brand; all while helping us maintain our high food quality and safety standards. Beyond the role of advisors or coaches, they've become a part of our team, working tirelessly to ensure our success." 

"I highly recommend SmithConnen as a valued resource and partner. Their comprehensive approach to identifying and solving real or potential problems, plus their ability to educate and train our staff, has significantly improved Lulu's ability to raise the bar in virtually every aspect of its operations."